Sending SMS messages from the Linguist system

Now with the system Lingwista you can send SMS messages in case of emergency such as the postponement or cancellation of classes. Take care your customers time – quickly inform students about unusual situations.

14 października 2016
You can now on log in to the Linguist using your Facebook credentials

We have implemented the functionality to log on using the Facebook credentials. This way you do not have to remember a separate password to the Lingwista system.

1 sierpnia 2016
We have implemented charting module into the Linguist system

In the Lingwista system appeared dynamic graphs of various kind such as pie, bar, line, mixed etc. The charts allow you to visualize the dynamics of changes of various parameters at your language school and present the results of these indicators.

25 sierpnia 2015
Teachers and classrooms calendars in the Linguist system

We have added the functionality to indicate the teachers availability. Thanks to that we know whether a teacher is available to take additional classes or whether he/she is available in case another teacher gets sick. We have also added calendars for classrooms. From now on your school can record the classroom renting for external entities.

7 czerwca 2015
Generating of accounting documents in the Linguist system

The Lingwista system can fully automatically generate accounting documents, such as invoice, bill, the KP and KW documents, invoice corrections.

25 kwietnia 2015