Our systems support the processes of management of educational institutions. The systems Improve the functioning of small and large organizations. We facilitate customer relationship management, we improve the flow of internal communication, automate business processes.

All the time we will expand our offer as well as individual products. We strongly invite you to contact us!


The Linguist is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that will facilitate the secretariat of the language schools and will make your school become more attractive for the clients. This is thanks to the integrated on-line secretariat and access to the information via mobile devices. Click on the banner or picture to find out more about the Linguist system.

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The second application, we create and develop is The Preschooler system. The system supports the management of kindergartens and gathers data related to these courses. We are working on preparation for the release of the first version of the system. Click on the banner or picture to find out more about the Preschooler.

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