Our offer consists of systems supporting the operation of various types of educational institutions. Each system can include the individual requirements provided by the customer. The implementation of each of the solutions can be enhanced with additional services presented below.



Currently, our flagship product is the LINGUIST – the system supporting the management of language schools. This system is constantly developed and adapted to the requirements of our customers. On the dedicated site you will find a detailed description of the system, its functions, benefits and the information on how to get free access to the demo version.

We are currently preparing to release the first version of the system supporting kindergartens – PRESCHOOLER. The first version of the Preschooler should be ready in the first quarter of 2017. Soon test version will be available.

We also offer additional services that allow to integrate our systems with your environment e.g. with your home website, other information systems. We also migrate data from other sources to our systems.

All the time we will expand our offer as well as individual products. We invite you to contact us!



The implementation of each of our systems can be extended with additional services that will further help you to accomplish the tasks and achieve your goals.

Each of the following additional services are implemented on the basis of gathering requirements and analyzing their feasibility.


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Layout adjustment
Integration with other applications
Data migration
Application development after deployment



Implementation of the IT system is a project that involves many people and often requires a change in the approach to the existing tasks. Therefore, to the implementation phase we prepare with the utmost care. This process also has an impact on your business and on you as a potential customer. Read the implementation rules, it will make you better prepared to the implementation phase.