Manage your school remotely by accessing the applications via the Internet and a browser using desktop or mobile devices
Save time and money by automating tasks and reducing the amount of paper documents
Our systems guarantee data security through secure encrypted connection and storing data in the cloud environment
We provide IT support for educational institutions - primary schools, driving, language, dance schools and other
The data of your school are collected in one place, so you analyze statistics and based on them you make accurate decisions


We are a company specializing in the development and implementation of software supporting the management of various types of educational institutions such as language schools, driving schools, kindergartens and primary or secondary schools. We offer both, ready-made systems and bespoke applications tailored to individual customer needs. Our objective is to provide our customers with services in the field of applications while maintaining cost efficiency at a fixed level.

Our applications support the organization of the school secretariats, collect information on students and trainees, provide students and staff with basic information on the progress of their education. Our applications provide management information. Our products are designed to increase the efficiency of the organization, to help to improve the cost efficiency and to simplify the management by providing various types of tables, lists, reports and charts.