Students Zone of the Linguist system now available on mobile devices

mobilesMobile version of Students Zone is available now for students, carers and teachers. As a result, regardless of the place you are, you can access to basic information about your courses in a language school you join.

Students and guardians have the ability to view a calendar of classes, messages sent by the teacher, the details of their courses such as payment plan, history of lessons and attendance history, tests and their results, a list of textbooks assigned to the course, the list of e-mail notifications, the list of other course participants.

The tutors thanks to mobile access can quickly, e.g. during a break, complete attendance in the classes, enter a new lesson, input the results of the test or send a new message to remind the listeners of the impending test. Also in the mobile version of the system Lingwista teachers can preview their calendars of activities or manage the account. With this tool, the data in the system Linguist are current and complete.

Watch a short video to see how the reader through mobile access can quickly make up attendance at classes and add another lesson.

5 marca 2016