We have implemented charting module into the Linguist system

chartsIn the Linguist system appeared dynamic graphs of various kind such as pie, bar, line, mixed etc. The charts allow you to visualize the dynamics of changes of various parameters at your language school and present the results of these indicators. In addition, charts can be filtered by parameters such as semester, language, level of education, branch etc. This allows you to analyze the data, for example, only for the selected language. By default, the Linguist contains a set of standard, predefined charts, which are based on analysis of customer requirements. The set of charts can be supplemented by any other chart provided that the data necessary to draw the graph are available in the database of the Linguist system.

Please watch the video below to see how easy it is to use the module „Analyzes / charts” in the Lingwista system.

25 sierpnia 2015